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Emirtech Technologies is one of the advanced security systems companies in UAE. We expert in Satellite and Electronic Surveillance and Security Solutions. Our expert team is well equipped. We give dependable establishment and support administrations utilizing every one of the most recent advances. We survey your area and then design, implement and maintain a tailor made security plan. You can live or work with peace and comfort when we are dealing with your security needs. We are one of the leading security systems companies in UAE, and for good reasons!

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Innovation and simplicity make us happy: our goal is to remove any technical or financial barriers that can prevent business owners from facing any Low Voltage and ICT solution Issues in Future by Providing the latest quality equipment and services at Rock Bottom Prices. We’re excited to help you on your journey. We Study about Customer Requirement and Provide Better Solution in following region CCTV and security camera system, biometric and access control system, GPS Vehicle tracking system, Gate Barrier and parking system, Telecom and Unified Communication Solution, Fiber and Cat6 Structured Cabling Solution, Networking and Switching Solution, Data Center Services, Business Software and Web solution, AMC and After sales support Etc.…

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We always try to Provide Cost-Effective Security Solutions



Manage and monitor your vehicles with Smart Fleet Tracking ...

CCTV System

No.1 CCTV Surveillance installer and maintenance service...

PABX System

PABX P(rivate) A(utomatic) B(ranch) E(xchange), a telephonic system ...


Point of Sale software is made on over our complete Business Plus Accounting backend...

Business Software and Solutions

Integration of knowledge across the enterprise ensures an .....


fingerprint identification technologies offering simple, secure and individual authentication...

Structured Cabling

Cabling administrations for security, theatre setups, telephone frameworks, paging, speakers, ...

Fiber Optic Cables

a comprehensive range of fiber optic cables, manufactured in accordance with a variety of international...

Gate Barrier & Parking System

A variety of parking gate barrier solution to seem in any case your...

Our Blogs

CCTV Camera Installation

CCTV Systems are surveillance solution for premises and fixed installations where 24 hour monitoring is the greatest priority.CCTV Systems are surveillance solution for premises and fixed installations where 24 hour monitoring is the greatest priority . Emirtech Technologies is one of the foremost CCTV camera providers setting up installation solutions for CCTV security cameras, DVR, PTZ Camera, WDR camera, IP Camera, CCTV control room and CCTV security monitoring services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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Structured Cabling Services

Network cables are using to connect network supported devices and transfer data and information between switched, routers, data storage, IP phones and other network products. Emirtech Technologies Systems is a full-service network cabling provider with the resource to design and implement structured cabling in Dubai, UAE.Providing network cabling service throughout a business involve cable laying, installation of the connector – faceplates, Network cabinets and Testing of cables.Depend on the requirement cable...

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GPS Vehicle Tracking System

We providing GPS tracking and asset management to assist thousands of consumers save time and money by keeping track of their assets, LIVE. Our GPS tracking system gives you full access, full control, anywhere from any device. because the manufacturer we guarantee quality and reliability.Easy plug best play device installs in seconds, and flexible GPS tracking software services are easy to use.Manage your business and vehicle solutions with an advanced web-based mobile services to improve fleet performance.

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PBX and Telephone Systems UAE

Emirtech Technologies Abu Dhabi, offers a wide range of telephony products like PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange)phone system, small business PBX, which is a telephone switching system that connects the different telephonic lines in an organization. The high tech outlet also offers on its shelf landline phones, office telephone systems, telephone systems up to the newer IP phones and Digital Phone systems etc.

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ERP Service Provider in UAE

Improve business efficiency with our ERP software. Improve your business for the better and present a more proficient enterprise resource planning system. Analyse information and connect vital business processes with incorporated ERP solutions. ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. It’s software that manages an organization's financials, supply chain, operations, commerce, reporting, manufacturing, and human resource activities.

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Biometric Access Control

Our biometric access control systems convey unobtrusive, personalized security for your building, office, or campus. Biometric access control systems offer increased security, convenience, and diminished costs over traditional security systems. Basically, biometric access control systems record biological data from individuals. Biometrics is a method of establishing a person’s identity based on chemical, behavioural or physical etc...

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We are ready to provide security at a reasonable price and guarantee your safety in any situation in your life


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